QSTOVES, the leader in eco-friendly, sustainable, non-fossil fuels based heating.  We are the innovators in pellet driven technology that enables better heating for recreation and emergency services.  QSTOVES strives to be the most economically efficient device, requiring less energy than any other stove/heater on the market.  We will always strive to be grid-free and leave the lowest carbon footprint. QSTOVES will continue to be the leader in ethical heating, responsbile efficiency and design both now and into the future.

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We are truly portable

QSTOVES are the easiest to assemble and even fatser to take apart.

Take it everywhere

QSTOVES can easily fit in your car, SUV or even a MINI cooper. Qstoves has been to every corner on the Earth. 

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Solves problems

QSTOVEs use only smokeless wood pellets that protect our planet.

A typical problem of heating raises the question of: How can we stay warm without all the hassle as well as spending too much? Is there anything out there that is simple, cost effective and that I can take with me? The answer we found, was: No there wasnt anything available, until now.

Campfires leave a scar on the ground and increases unwanted fire danger. Firewood has to be gathered, cut, stacked, dried (seasoned), attended to and constantly fed.

Propane outdoor heaters don’t do a good enough job maxing out at 40K BTU. They only heat at the top and the ignitor goes out often and becomes not worth the cost of replacing. Being 9 feet tall, non-collapsible and heavy, those heaters are too difficult to be safely portable.

Electric heaters need.... electricity. Can't plug those into a tree.

Wood stoves have the same issues as camp fires.  They need wood. Gathered, cut, stacked, dried and attended to often.

Even wood pellet indoor stoves, need electricity too as the auger and the fan go out and a part needs to be ordered and installed by a trained technician.

THE SOLUTION. Gravity: It has been around since the beginning of time. Everything falls to the earth. When lit, wood pellets burn exceptionally well. We design an attractive device that would optimize the performance of human kind's greatest discovery: fire. That’s it! Those are the top 3 priorities in what we have done. We have found a way to take a single wood pellet that has no glues, additives or enhancements and get a 4 to 5 foot flame out of it. Naturally, safely and effectively.

Wood pellets are the best source of fuel for what we achieved because it is renewable, inexpensive, can be easily transported and stored. Thousands of retailers have bought in bulk and there is no comparison. Wood pellets are compressed saw dust created from lumber industry waste from milled lumber for construction. Also forest trees that have been harvested due to a variety of reasons such as health or hazard are typically used for pellets. Manufacturers always create a premium blend of Pine and Douglas Fir trees, compress it to a specified diameter and length for packaging. Many of these manufacturers also make a scent/flavored wood pellet for cooking and smoking.

As a manufacturer of wood pellet stoves and patio heaters, QSTOVES INC. is dedicated to designing and developing new heaters and stoves using only wood pellet biomass fuel.

With the marketing concept Wood Pellet Heating from Indoor to Outdoor, our company has invented and designed several models of wood pellet indoor stoves and outdoor patio heaters.

Our outdoor patio heaters have many advantages including :

  • 1/4” wood pellet biomass fuel; heating costs as low as $0.50/hour
  • No Electricity needed
  • Max. 106,000 BTU/hour with a 10ft heating radius.
  • Gravity fed efficiency
  • Sustained heating time (3-4 hours average) on half bag of pellets
  • Real flame, real woodsy smell, virtually no smoke
  • Portable Outdoor Heaters (unlike bulky propane heaters): the total weight for the outdoor heater is only 50-66lbs, fits in any vehicle.
  • True OFF-GRID application: Only requires wood heating pellets
  • Emergency Preparedness: No electronics, no moving parts, small package, easy storage and set up.

By choosing a product from QSTOVES and heating with wood pellets (a type of eco-friendly biomass fuel) you're helping to:


Wood is our only Renewable Energy Resource. Please do your part to preserve our national wood supply by planting at least one tree each year. Future generations will thank you.

To learn about the QSTOVES outdoor portable heaters, contact QSTOVES INC.