Have questions? We have some answers?


Q:  Is the QSTOVE safe to use on my deck?

A:  Yes, the QSTOVE is safe to use on most any deck because heat is not generated at the base


Q:  How hot does the QSTOVE get?

A:  The max peak temperature can reach as high as 1400 degrees Fahrenheit on the body of the stove.  


Q:  Will the stove blow over or tip?

A:  Although we can't guarantee a hurricane will not blow it over, the QSTOVE is extremely stable and can withstand high winds.  We have designed the feet with anchor holes to fasten them to any surafce that allows screws, stakes or other.


Q:  Can I use the QSTOVE if its raining?

A:  Yes, it works well and keeps most of the area around it dry quickly because of its convective heat radius.  Water will evaporate quickly off of its surface


Q:  Can the QSTOVE rust?

A:  Like any product made of metal, there is always the ability to oxidize.  We recommend covering or storing the unit out of the weather when not in use.  We offer very high quality, attractive, formal fit covers for just this reason.


Q;  How far away should items be from the QSTOVE, ?

A:  Minimum distance should be at least 3 feet, according to code.  We advise that folks use good judgement and keep all dangerous or flammable items away period.


Q;  I have a low hanging fabric awning, can the chimney be lowered to use underneath?

A:  Yes, the chimney is adaptable to most any height and works best if in full extension of pieces given in the the kit.  However, you can adjust accordingly to the height of your awaning.  Again, use good judgememtn and follow the code of minimum distance of 3 feet from the top of the reflector disc to the bottom of the lowest part of the awning.


Q:  How do I clean the QSTOVE?

A:  You can clean easily with a standard garden hose, then high pressure air hose and/or whisk broom.  The QSTOVE also has the built in ash collector drawer for easy dispensing of the minimal ash content (good for your garden).  Annually, you can also add mild soad to clean, just remember to thoroughly dry to prevent oxidization.


Q:  Will the QSTOVE work in a screened in patio?

A:  Yes, exceptionally well.  Since it is an open screened patio, it is safe and has air needed to breathe and diffuse the exhaust cleanly.


Q:  How do I reach maximum heat output?

A:  Using the pick tool provided, insert into the chromed eyelet just beneath the door and mildly shake the shaft, thus causing the wood pellets to level out and burn extremely hot.  You must make sure the lower damper (this has a chrome eyelet too) is wide open.  Please use the pick for this as well. You should start tosee a jet/rocket style flame.


Q:  Upon completion of the use of the pellets, why does it smoke a little at the end?

A:  During the end phase/ smoldering, there is not enough air draw and this will create a less efficiet burn and smoke will appear.  It is minimal and will stop once burned out.


Q:  Does the QSTOVE keep bugs away?

A:  Yes, simply add a citronella candle and/or spent coffee ground and dried bay leaves insie the unit and pests tend to stay away.


Q:  What does the "Q' stand for in QSTOVES?

A:  Because I-Stove was just not really a good name.  Really? 


Q:  Where is the QSTOVE made?

A;  The Qstove is designed and engineered in the USA with manufactuirng processes done in Quingtao, China.  


Q:  Does the Qstove work indoors?

A:  At this time, we do not recommend this to be used indoors where it is completely enclosed.  We are developing a unit specifically for indoor home use.  Stay tuned!


Q:  Can i burn regular wood in it?

A:  The Qstove can burn most any fuels, however it is designed to burn best with wood pellets for best results


Q:  Can I burn rice or corn pellets in it?

A:  Again, you can burn many fuels in it, but these tend to leave sticky residue build up.  Do you really want to clean that?


Q:  Can I use this in a burn ban?

A:  Always check with your local fire station and follow the rules.  We really don't want you to get fined. In some cases you can use during a ban.  Use common ssense.